The instructional skills workshop was first implemented in BC in 1992. We at Yukon College are now working to have a more updated version of it, a version that will include technology updates that have influenced the way we teach and learn, and an indigenous approach, that will soon be the way we teach here at the college.

The ISW is a program originally created in BC  to provide new instructors with the basic instructional skills to make their teaching student-centred and meaningful to students. Early participants recommended that ISW was offered not only to new faculty but also to experienced instructors.

The heart of the ISW is a series of mini-lessons that participants deliver to each other in a mutually supportive small group. Feedback on mini-lessons is provided verbally and in writing by participants, and by means of video-recording. ISW emphasizes learning as well as instructing, and the instructor is viewed as a facilitator of learning.

We hope you will enjoy this workshop. Let us know how can we help you to achieve its goals and objectives.