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  • Module 1: Welcome & Outline

    Welcome to Level 3 - Group and Discussion Forums Creation in MOODLE. 

    This training has been designed to guide you in how to use 2 important functions in Yukon College Moodle: Group creation and Discussion forum setting . We will also discuss the main components of a Module in MOODLE and practice uploading teaching materials. 

    By the end of the training you will be able to:

    1. Identify the main components of an Module in MOODLE

    2.  Create a group (s) with students registered in a course 

    3. Set up a Discussion Forum with questions

    • Module 2: Online Module Components

      Creating thinking structures is extremely important in an online learning environment. Organizing your course in Modules is the first step, and organizing the learning materials (or learning objects) within the modules, is the next.  

      Below, you will find a table with the components that we at the Teaching and Learning Centre have identified should be part of every module you develop. The identification of these components was based in:

      1. Best practices for curriculum design online

      2. Identification of the learning materials that instructors in Yukon College already use

      3. Vygotsky's model of scaffolding learning (learners 

    • Module 3: Group Creation in MOODLE

      This module will provide the learner the steps to follow in Moodle design to create groups. Please note that for MOODLE - Yukon College the students will be pre-registered and so, when creating the groups, instructors will be a able to pull names from a list previously uploaded to their course. 

    • Module 4: Discussion Forums in MOODLE

      Setting Discussion forums where the students can exchange ideas, or discuss a project, or find a solution to a problem is an excellent idea to motivate students in the online environment to work with each other and learn from each other. This module will show the instructor how to create Discussion Forums using MOODLE. Use it as a reference Guide, and as with the other Modules in this course, come back to it when you want to remember what you learned in the computer Lab.